If your bank has started the foreclosure process, that means you are behind on your mortgage payments and, if you do nothing, the bank will take away your home. I can save your home, eliminate most of your bills, create a budget, and an affordable payment plan for your past and current mortgage payments. If unpaid parking tickets have led to your car being impounded, and/or your license being suspended, I can get your car back, and reinstate your license. If you have credit card, medical, or utility bills and/or debt for a car that has been repossessed, I can eliminate those debts.

I assure you that I, personally, will work on every single detail of your case, no one else will. I will do all the work and be available to you at all times. My prices are cheaper than any other lawyer who can save your home, and the first consultation is free. IN MY OFFICE THERE IS ALWAYS FREE PARKING AVAILABLE ON THE STREET. Most other law firms are downtown and parking costs about $25.​​

Call or text me at 1-312-550-4564, so we can get started now.